Deliver the message

while you’re on the move!

We can help you on Branding your CAR/VAN !

You can show to your customers a lot of important informations about what you do, where are you located, and contact access. Even if your van is parked, it still plays the role of a billboard ad.

Do a favor to your car! Protect it, or refresh it with a new stunning color.

You can find a lot of colors in our media collection!

Depending on what you need, we can make:

– Partial Wrapping – Only some parts of your car/van. It can be half back/front or just a part.

– Overwrapping – Branding car/van with your colors or desired image. We can change the total color or coat with protection tape, so after approx. 5 years, the unwrapp shows the original color as it was new!

– Decals /Stickers – Logo, Message, Infos, Contact numbers, URL, for easy access of cutomers. Decoration stickers, desired theme, pattren.

High quality media with the most advanced technology on printing and postprint treatment, gives us the confidence in work.

Our printing service meets all the standards for indoor and outdoor application. Waterproof,  Scratch-resistant, Environmentally friendly, generates almost no VOCs and can be cured without the use of ozone-causing short-wavelength UV.